History of AUC and SGA

History of AUC, SGA, and the Student Body


  • AUC founded by American Educator Dr. Paul Tien
  • Inaugural Class of 107 began in temporary location in Cincinnati.


  • School moves to new campus on Montserrat.


  • AUC gets California approval for licensure.


  • Hurricane Hugo destroys campus. School moves to temporary location in Plainview, Texas.


  • Montserrat campus rebuilt and school moves back.


  • AUC becomes ACCM accredited.


  • Montserrat Volcano eruption destroys campus, along with a third of the island, including the capital city of Plymouth.
  • Half the school moves to temporary location in Belize, while the other half moves to temporary location in St. Maarten.


  • The entire school moves to a temporary location in St. Maarten, in a rented hotel.
  • Work begins on a new St. Maarten campus, and this time, it is hurricane proof, with its own power plant, and water desalination plant.


  • St. Maarten campus completed, and classes began here on May 1.


  • AUC Dormitories built.


  • AUC gets Florida and New York approval students to do rotations in those states.


  • Christian Medical and Dental Association (CMDA) established at AUC
  • SGA launches aucsga.org (now defunct) along with campus emails.


  • Notes Drive created (its use later phased out by ANGEL).


  • AUC’s medical program recognized by Texas for rotation purposes.


  • AUC Gym established
  • Last edition of AUC News
  • Genetics and Cell Biology merge to become MCB II.
  • ICM added to second semester, but it is a voluntary, not-for-credit class.
  • SGA sells Note Services to the school.


  • ICM Wing built.
  • Former SGA website aucsga.org expires.


  • Bisexuals, Gays, Lesbians, and Allies in Medicine (BGLAM) founded.
  • Diversity Council founded.
  • Community Action Day begins (??)


  • USMLE first time pass rate reach 95%
  • Clicker System installed
  • Latino Medical Students Association (LMSA) founded.
  • Canadian Medical Students Association (CMSA) founded.
  • SGA Historian position added to the SGA executive board. Benji Ho becomes the first Historian.
  • The Scope launched as SGA website and newsletter.
  • AUC triples its bandwidth from 10 to 30 Mbps.
  • The first Dr. Karl Stockhausen Student of the Semester Award, named in honor of 2009 AUC graduate the late Dr. Karl Stockhausen, awarded to Joe Fakoury for January semester 2010.
  • Dr. Ron Testa becomes Dean of Basic Sciences.
  • Canine Unit and additional security employed to patrol Cupecoy and Maho area.
  • Dr. Kathleen Shupe becomes first SGA Faculty Co-Advisor.


  • AUC implements computerized testing for the incoming January class.
  • AUC’s ownership passes from the Tien family to DeVry.
  • SNMA re-established as a student organization, after several semesters of absence.


  • MERP started at AUC.
  • Active Students Association (ASA) founded.
  • Construction starts on new building, replacing basketball court and lawn.


  • New building opens.