ICM Patient Interview Mnemonics

Interview Mnemonics

ICM II Quiz 3 Study Guide

Bates Reading: Eye Examination (pages 205-222,244,254-267)

Pathway for pupillary light reactions and near reactions

Pupillary Light Rxn = Occulomotor.

Autonomic nerve supply to the eye

Occulomotor parasympathetic

Nerves and muscles involved in the six cardinal directions of gaze

Lateral, medial, superior, inferior rectus. Inferior and superior oblique.

The meaning of the two numbers expressing visual acuity

20/30 means at 20 feet you […]

ICM II Quiz 2 Study Guide

Bates Reading: Vital Signs (pages 114-125, 134)

The blood pressure cuff should be:

Width = 40% of upper arm circumference
Length = 80% of upper arm circumference

If the wrong sized cuff is used:

If too small, blood pressure will read too high
If too large, blood pressure will read too low on a small arm, but high on a large.

To […]