SGA Minutes 11/14/12

SGA MEETING MINUTES – November 14, 2012
President – Shikha Nigam
• Reminders:
o Any fund requests need to submitted by next week
o Clubs, please send in the requested information to Dr. Golden Jackson by next week
o Class representatives please reiterate Facebook Marketplace to your classes
• Reopening topic and subject of clinical planning – I would like to know what people have come […]

White Coat Ceremony, Summer 2012

Summer 2012 Class Portrait

On May 18, 2012, AUC welcomed the incoming first semester class at the Summer 2012 White Coat ceremony. Louis Kennedy received the Student of the Semester award, and the Pathology department presented the Van Wormer Award in Pathology to Daniela Blum. After the ceremony, students and faculty attended the after-party at Bliss nightclub to celebrate.

Dr. Dale Van Wormer Student Judiciary Committee (VWJC)

We are a student run organization that deals with student-to-student conflicts and infractions of the AUC Honor Code. We rely on the student body to report any unethical or unprofessional behaviors and trust that our committee will handle them appropriately. Depending on the situation, we will decide if peer mediation and/or a hearing are necessary. […]