July 21, 2012: ICAN Beach Day


22 AUC students joined children from ICAN, the oldest foster home on St. Maarten, for a day of fun in the sun. Photo credit: Louis Kennedy and children!

CAD: CMDA spends the day with ICAN


12 volunteers – Community Action Day, June 23, 2012
Going to ICAN is always fun, and today was no different. The kids were elated to see us and ran to the cars as soon as we parked. We enjoyed the day in the clear, shallow waters of Le Gallion beach on the French side. Volunteers and […]

Student Group and Research Symposium


At AUC’s 2012 Student Group and Research Symposium, students had the opportunity to talk about their organizations and research projects with AUC students and faculty, DeVry representatives, and clinical site representatives.

The 5 W’s of CMDA

Who makes up CMDA?
–          Faculty Advisor: Dr. Ijoma Nwosu
–          Co-Presidents: David Kwon  and Michelle Stuart
–          VP: Owen Grove
–          Treasurer: Nick Reifsteck
–          Secretary: Ester Hong
–          Worship Team: Amy Laib and Joshua Lewis
–          Community Outreach Team: Doug Cowser, Keirsten Davio and Shanique Shaw
–          Students, who hunger for Christ and the Gospel
What is CMDA?
–          Christian Medical and Dental […]