Students Achieve 100% First-Time Pass Rate for USMLE Step 1

Congratulations to all our fellow colleagues who successfully took the USMLE Step 1 examination! In the period from January 2013 to June 30, 2013, 100% of AUC students who took Step 1 achieved a first-time pass rate, which is a testament to not only their hard work, but to also the great faculty and staff […]

Medical Research Endeavors Abound at AUC

Here at AUC, students have ample opportunities to participate in the latest medical research as they pursue their MD’s. A recent article published in The Italian Journal of Anatomy and Embryology details the research of four former AUC students, Burton Tabaac, Geoffrey Goldberg, Lia Alvarez, and Molly Amin, as they worked with Dr. Kathleen Shupe-Ricksecker […]

Faculty & Student Interactions


Last week, a select group of AUC’s brightest and top performing students were treated to dinner and wonderful conversation (the majority of it cardiac physiology) by Dr. Burt Hamrell; students value this time abroad with professors over standard office hours as an opportunity to exchange knowledge and life experiences with distinguished faculty.

Why Medicine?: An English Major’s Perspective


To do medicine, or not to do medicine. That was the question that plagued my mind throughout all of undergrad. As a Pre-Med English Major with minors in Philosophy and Chemistry, it seemed like I was more prepared for a job as a lawyer or politician than as a doctor. Take away the chemistry, and […]

Affordably fun things to do in St. Maarten


One of the advantages of studying abroad is the opportunity to travel and explore another region of the world, just a step away from campus. Here are some ideas for affordable, relatively-affordable, and not-so-affordable yet fun things to do on this island and beyond. These activities are perfect for the AUC student who’s strapped for […]

Yantalo Blog: Digital Presentations in an Analog World


The major part of the trip is dedicated to sharing our knowledge on nutrition, parasites, and sexual health and CPR. As bright, dedicated medical students we planned great, creative PowerPoint presentations to help share our knowledge. We knew that one of the schools had a projector, so we purchased an additional one so […]

Yantalo Blog: Background Information about the Yantalo Trip


I should probably write a post that explains a little more of the background of the Yantalo Peru Expedition. Last year, Rebecca Lee went to Yantalo, Peru and loved both the people there, as well as the opportunities it provided for both learning and sharing knowledge. She approached the student body of AUC […]

Yantalo Blog: Brush Your Teeth


This was the mantra of the day. There was a group of dentists and doctors that also came down to Yantalo, Peru this week and they donated a bag full of tooth brushes and toothpaste for us to demonstrate and give away. At the end of each nutrition presentation, we demonstrated proper toothbrushing […]

Yantalo Blog: Saturday, August 21, 2010


During the trip, several of us had the opportunity to go to the hospital in Moyobamba to shadow/work with the doctors. Zan, Sabastian, and I went first with Dr. Kharla, one of the local physicains that works for the Yantalo Foundation. We arrived at 7 AM and spoke with the police officer outside […]

Should One Study Before Starting Med School?


Before starting their first med school classes, many incoming students are faced with a question:
“Should I start studying now before I start med school?”
The two most common answers you will hear people give are:
1. “No, go travel, relax, do something fun because once you get here, you won’ t have time to do all that.”
2. […]