Grocery shopping tips from an AUC spouse


First part of a series.

Tung Yuen Supermarket

This neighborhood store is otherwise known to students as The Chinese store or The Asian market, and it is in between BB’s and Papa Dan’s.

The store owners could gouge students and overcharge, but surprisingly, they do not. The price tags are in guilders, but when converted to dollars, everything is generally a just tiny bit more expensive than Gourmet/Grand Marche. The selection of produce and the cleanliness of the store cannot compete with Gourmet Marche in Porto as well. However, the location, less than one minute away from campus, cannot be beat.

You could theoretically buy all your food here. You can buy breads, produce, dairy, eggs, meats (frozen), and convenience foods. The selection of canned food and spices is quite impressive as well. If you are looking for unfrozen chicken, meat, or fish, or fancier types of fish or meats, you are out of luck though. For instance, I believe they have frozen tilapia, but they do not carry ahi or mahi mahi. Also, fat free or sugar free items usually cannot be found here. Because of limited space, you would have to do with regular sour cream instead of low fat sour cream, etc.

I particularly like all the random things you can find here. You probably cannot buy dry erase markers or Staedtler pens here. But most other school supplies, like notebooks, correction tape, lead, erasers, you name it can be bought for fair prices. Walk down the miscellaneous items aisle and you can find pet food, plastic hangers, surge protectors, extension cords, plastic colanders, kitchen utensils, and towels. If you need a random household item and getting to Ace is a problem, try the Asian store first and they just might have what you are looking for.

Hours: Open every day 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Payment: Cash


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