In Loving Memory of Karl Barjenbruch

Karl Barjenbruch, August 24th, 1983- August 28th, 2013

Many of you had the good fortune to know Karl and spend time with him, both inside and outside the classroom. Karl was a fifth-semester student who was in the process of completing his time in St. Maarten and heading home to Missouri before moving to the next stage of his studies. We express our condolences to his family, loved ones, friends, and others who knew him. This is a difficult time for Karl’s family, as well as for the members of the AUC community who knew him as a fellow, student, or friend.

We invite you to share your memories of Karl in the comment section below. If there are photos of Karl that you would like to share, please send them to so that they can included on this page.


Below are memories of Karl shared by members of the AUC community.

Karl was an enthusiastic, genuine, and hard working person that helped out anyone that he could. This is all definitely what made him unique at this school. However, the most recent and best memory I have of Karl was a few weeks ago around Block 4. We sat in the cafeteria chatting about Pharm and life. He was giving me advice on how to study for Pharm I and the upcoming final. Somehow the conversation digressed into his life back in Missouri and his late father. I have never seen his eyes widen and glimmer like they did when he spoke of his father who he deemed “the most cultured farmer” he knew. They were very close and the only solace that I take from this tragedy is that they are now reunited. I will miss Karl, his positive radiance around campus, and not to mention his quirky dance moves- Afsoun

Karl always greeted me by saying “Hey lil darlin! How’s my Midwest girl?” I was always glad to see Karl, a fellow Missourian, when I went to the cafeteria to make late night coffee. He was so funny about his French press coffee and insisted on sharing it every time. Seeing him made me less homesick.
One of my most memorable moments with Karl was during his fourth semester and my second semester. I was stressing over biochemistry when I went for my late snack and coffee run to the cafeteria. Karl greeted me with a huge smile, as usual. He noticed that I was stressing, stopped what he was doing, and taught me all his glycolysis and oxidative phosphorylation tricks. He then ripped the entire biochemistry chapter out of his USMLE first aid book and handed it to me after highlighting guaranteed test questions. I learned so much in the half hour we spent on biochemistry and did well because of his generosity.
He was one of the first upperclassmen I met and my only friend from back home. I really enjoyed joking with him about Kansas City, where I am from, and Independence. The last time we spoke we had decided to Skype each other this week while we were both in MO. The rough plan was to hit up the “Beer Mall” which was our nickname for the Kansas City Power and Light district.
I am currently in KC. Feel free to contact me. My prayers are for you and your family.
Priscilla Borden


Karl, he was a great Loving soul a wonderful person, always said something sweet always with a smile.I remembered his first impression when I gave him some sour sup fruit, he said” this is the best fruit I have ever tasted” with this big smile on his face.

Karl the cool guy!

May friends comfort you,

Faith uphold you,

Loving memories heal your heart,
With heartfelt sympathy,

Barjenbruch family.


Much Love

Claudia Boyer

AUC Computer Lab & IT Department


One of the my most memorable moments with Karl was one night two semesters ago when I met him taking things in and out of his locker, after seeing him the same day walk across the front of the lecture hall in the middle of class. I suspected something was wrong that day, Karl looked upset. When I approached Karl to see how he was, he informed me that he was going through a lot of stress with classes. I felt sorry and wanted to just talk to him to give him comfort, although he was an upperclassmen to me and so I didn’t go as far into med school as him. I am very happy that I met him that night, even just to say ‘how are you.’ Karl opened up to me, talking about his father passing away several semesters ago and him having to take time off from school, his grades being affected, and so forth. I understood he had gone through a lot already. I was able to talk about my own father’s homicide with him, and so we both shared a growing sympathy towards each other that night. From that point on, Karl was not just an energetic friendly person to me, but a deeply determined, strong, and compassionate one, a friend who I was very fortunate to have been blessed with in my life. – RAZI M FAREED




I met Karl in St. Maarten while at an orientation gathering during his first semester. At that time I was a few semesters ahead and I remember him already enjoying the school and his surroundings. I am so terribly saddened to hear the news of his passing and wish to send my best to his family and friends during this tragic time. My thoughts are with them. Attached is a photograph of Karl and friends while at a Phi Chi beach orientation BBQ during his 1st Semester and a photograph from his post-white coat gathering. I remember him being a very likable, outgoing gentleman. I am glad that I got to meet him and disappointed that I did not have the chance to get to know him better- Jodi Newcombe




Dear Karl,
I am deeply saddened that you passed away. Although I didn’t know you that well, I am deeply saddened by your loss as I would be if any student passed away. It’s unfortunate that you passed away suddenly, and without warning. The really sad part is that you were a fifth semester, and you were on your way to becoming a good physician. I feel that you would have been an excellent physician. I also feel upset that the Lord would take away someone as positive, outgoing and nice like you away. But I hope you had a good life Karl. Hopefully, you are in a better place. I will try to remember to pray for you. If I forget, I’m sorry.
 I remember I met you once. I was chilling and smoking cigarettes at the Gazebo nervous as hell about my blocks. But I remember the short encounter of us and a couple of guys. You gave us some good pointers about classes and stuff. And I remember that you were so AMPed up and confident, like “Yeah, I”m gonna kill this shelf tomorrow.” Well, I think that was you, I’m not sure. But regardless, I am saddened by your loss as I would be for any student. We’re family. We’re an AUC family. I will remember you Karl as the guy I met at the Gazebos, and I will pray for you. I love you man. God bless you. With Love- Ray Fan
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