NUMC Surgery review

This was my first rotation.  I structured this one similar to the way Matt structured his Spring Grove review since he did such a great job.

Campus: The hospital is located in East Meadow on Long Island.  It’s about 45 minutes by train from NYC.  It’s a pretty old hospital, but they are doing a lot of renovations in many different areas.  They are building a completely new ER that is supposed to open in January 2011.  Because they are building the new ER there is no cafeteria anymore.  There is a coffee shop where you can order food and it’s pretty good although a little high on the price side.  There is also an employee “cafeteria” set up in the auditorium where they have cold stuff in refrigerators to buy for less than the coffee shop.  The whole area is quite safe and there are police walking around even at night.  We can park in the parking garage, but that is supposed to be torn down sooner rather than later so not sure what that will be like in the future.

Rotation schedule: You spend 3 weeks on general surgery, 3 weeks on either trauma or SICU, and then 3 subspecialties lasting 2 weeks each.  However, based on our recommendations and those from other attendings, the clerkship director has proposed changing it to 6 weeks on general surgery, 2 weeks trauma, 2 weeks SICU, and 2 weeks of a subspecialty.  Not sure if or when this may happen.

Average day: You will get there between 5:45 and 6 am for rounds that start at 6.  Sometimes you would check on your patients before rounds just to see how they were doing.  This depended on what the chief resident wanted you to do.  Most days on general surgery there were clinics to go to.  The amount of work you are allowed to do in the clinics depends on who the attending is running the clinic.  After rounding in SICU, you will go look at the OR board for the day and assign cases for both residents and students.  The chief residents wanted to have at least 1 student in every case.  Again, what you get to do in the OR depends on the attending and the resident as well.  Most of the time you get to scrub in, but some attending and residents will let you do more in the surgery itself.  There isn’t much pimping of the students that goes on in the OR.  Sign out for gen. surg. tended to be around 4:30-5.  The hours for trauma and SICU are about the same as gen. surg.  The subspecialties’ hours tend to be a bit shorter than the others.  There is always work on the floor to do, some residents will do more of the work themselves, but some are more comfortable letting students do work.  A lot of the time it depends on how comfortable the residents are with each student in particular.

Call: You take overnight call on average once a week.  The clerkship director allows the students to make up the call schedule so there is quite a bit of flexibility.  We each took about 10 calls over the course of the rotation.  There should be a student on call each night including holidays.  We had someone on call on Labor Day, etc.  I do know from those currently on surgery that they had off for Thanksgiving and Christmas so there are some exceptions to having someone on call every day of the rotation.  When on call you cover trauma calls, the floor for both gen surg and trauma, help out in SICU, and help out the consult resident.  The time you spend with the consult resident can be a great learning opportunity if you take advantage of it.  There can be time to sleep, but I personally never had a chance on call.

Lectures: There are 2 scheduled per week, sometimes they happen and sometimes they don’t. I’ve said it before, but it depends on the attending doing the lecture.  You also have a grand rounds lecture each Wednesday after M & M.

Conclusion: This was a great rotation and I learned a lot.  The residents were great as were the attendings.  I learned a lot during the day but I learned even more on call at night and on the weekends.  You are asked to do scutwork, but it’s generally because the residents are busy as well and they need any help they can get.  If they do scut you out, they usually remember and will make it up to you later by letting you do something more fun.  If anyone has any other questions they want answered about this rotation in particular or NUMC in general, I’ll be glad to answer them.

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    Thanks for the great review. I have some questions regarding housing at NUMC. Can you send me your email address to Thanks!

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