NUMC Radiology Review

This was my second rotation and I will encourage others to post additional info from their point of view once they have done the rotation.

Nassau University Medical Center

Campus: (Copied and pasted from the Surgery review).  The hospital is located in East Meadow on Long Island.  It’s about 45 minutes by train from NYC.  It’s a pretty old hospital, but they are doing a lot of renovations in many different areas.  They are building a completely new ER that is supposed to open in January 2011.  Because they are building the new ER there is no cafeteria anymore.  There is a coffee shop where you can order food and it’s pretty good although a little high on the price side.  There is also an employee “cafeteria” set up in the auditorium where they have cold stuff in refrigerators to buy for less than the coffee shop.  The whole area is quite safe and there are police walking around even at night.  We can park in the parking garage, but that is supposed to be torn down sooner rather than later so not sure what that will be like in the future.

Rotation Schedule: The rotation is 4 weeks long.  At NUMC, radiology is a required elective that you will do during the 3rd year core rotations.  You spend about a week on neuro-radiology with Dr. L. who is the clerkship director.  You spend another week on CT/MRI and a week on plain films.  The final week is split between ultrasound, radiation oncology, and mammography.

Typical Day: The day starts at 9am.  You will sit with the residents while they read the various images on CT, MRI, plain films, etc.  On ultrasound you will primarily follow the techs while they perform the exam.  During ultrasound you can also watch GI studies and interventional radiology procedures which are done in the same hall as ultrasound.  There are medical student lectures 2-3 days a week at 11 followed by noon conference at noon most days of the week.  Then it’s more of the same in the afternoon.  The day technically ends at 4pm, but the residents and attendings would let you go whenever they finished the readings.  Most days that was around 2pm.

Teaching: The medical student lectures were done by both residents and attendings.  Most of the lectures took place.  There were only a couple that didn’t happen due to last minute conflicts.  The lectures focused on a topic in general and talked briefly about the radiology involved in diagnosing whatever the topic was.

My impression:  I enjoyed the rotation even though at times it was a bit boring due to not much going on.  It was the exact opposite of surgery in terms of effort and time required.  I think that everyone should do a radiology rotation and try to get something out of it as nearly everyone will be ordering films for their patients in the future and you really should have an idea of what you are looking at.  You will do a brief case presentation at the end of the rotation which will include 2 cases you saw while rotating through radiology.  These are brief and take 5-10 minutes combined.  It is best to try and find non-neuro cases because the clerkship director sees neuro all day every day and enjoys seeing other things.  There is also an exam at the end of the rotation.  At the beginning of the rotation you will be given a book by the department and as long as you read the book, the exam is not a problem.  I was also doing some research with another department and I had plenty of time to go do that in the afternoons while on radiology.  So it is a pretty relaxing rotation but worth the time as well.  As always, don’t hesitate to ask any questions if you have them.

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